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East West DBT

Introducing a new therapy group with an elegant and informative website.

The Project

Web Design // Webflow Dev // Logo Design

East West DBT is a new therapy group that specializes in dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) in the SF Bay area. Having recently formed a new partnership, the founding members of East West DBT needed a comprehensive website to start them out strong and give them credibility amongst their competition.

I partnered with East West DBT’s founders Jenafir and Joe to create an identity that reflected their values of both Eastern and Western schools of psychology, resulting in a minimalist website that evokes peace and calm while providing structure and necessary information.

Two screenshots of the East West DBT website. One is the desktop view homepage, with the headline "Compassionate, Evidence-Based Therapy that Changes Lives". The second is from the Group Skills Classes page, featuring a calendar of upcoming class dates.

This type of therapy is not your average talk therapy. It’s a very involved process that includes a combination of individual therapy, group therapy, and specific learning outcomes that can help to combat a variety of mental health challenges. Jenafir and Joe are extremely helpful people and wanted to include a lot of what to expect from their therapy program on their site.

To make this information as user-friendly as possible, I broke it up into several sections. What could have been overwhelming paragraphs of text come to life with creative spacing, imagery, and iconography. I created dynamic elements like a set of tabs and a custom accordion to make information more digestible and organized.

A collage of website elements for East West DBT on a grey background.

Because DBT therapy is so involved, it’s easy to be intimidated by the level of commitment the program requires. I wanted to convey a sense of calm and trustworthiness when constructing an identity for this client.

By using a minimal color palette, relying on clean lines, and letting the serif typography create visual interest, I worked to cultivate a sense of comfort and trust in the East West DBT brand.

The brand guidelines for East West DBT, featuring a modern sans-serif font and green colors.
Kind words from clients

"Kristen has been an absolute pleasure to work with! She really took the time to listen to our content and design thoughts and guided us when we needed it. All of this was done in a flexible and accommodating spirit. I never felt rushed or judged for my lack of technical expertise as well. She’s as patient as she is knowledgeable, and I’ll definitely work with her again on any of my future website endeavors. I can’t recommend her enough!"


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