A mockup photograph of Mike Zaleski's website featured on an open laptop on a kitchen table.
Web Design // Webflow Dev // Brand Identity

Michael Zaleski

Establishing a therapist's growing practice with a modern, clean website.

The Project

Web Design // Webflow Dev // Copywriting

Mike Zaleski is a therapist who sees clients from New York and California in virtual therapy sessions. He reached out to me for help with establishing a website for his private practice. With a love of nature and the California mountains, Mike wanted a site that felt like a breath of fresh air compared to other template sites he’d been using.

I partnered with him to develop his therapy practice’s brand, helping articulate what his strengths were and translating that into concise copy. Paired with a modern logo and responsive web design, I made it as easy as possible for Mike’s new clients to get all the information they need.

Two screenshots of Mike Zaleski's website. The first is from his desktop site, with the headline "Virtual Therapy in California and New York". The second is from his mobile site on his My Approach page, with the headline "What Can Therapy Help With?"

Marketing yourself as a generalist is often more challenging than as a specialist. When you welcome diversity and people of many backgrounds, it can be hard to answer the question, “Who is my ideal client?” Because of this, I felt it was important to highlight Mike’s experience and professional philosophies in order to demonstrate what sets him apart from other therapists. I worked with him to develop language that identifies his strengths and articulates ideas that are important to him.

A collage of Mike Zaleski's website elements on a grey background.

Mike likes seeing clients who have never tried therapy before, so we wanted to make sure his site was accessible and easy to use, as well as inviting and down-to-earth.

I built Mike a site that leans modern, with a logo inspired by the letters of his monogram. Playful and unintimidating, his brand uses a single sans serif font to maintain consistency and make users feel welcome.

The brand guidelines for Mike Zaleski, featuring a modern sans-serif typeface and blue brand colors.
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