Margaret Petersen

Creating warmth and trust for a Bay-area therapist in a digital, usable space

Web Designer
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Responsive Web Design

Margaret Petersen is a Bay-area marriage and family therapist who specializes in couples counseling and emotionally-focused therapy methods.  She reached out to me for help with refreshing her brand and creating a new website. Margaret had her clients in mind from the very start of the design process and wanted a site that was easy to use and non-intimidating.

I partnered with her to redefine her therapy practice's brand, developing a new logo, brand guide, and website — with the goal of creating a digital space that was as inviting and warm as she is in her sessions.

A screenshot of a desktop-based website for Margaret Petersen
A screenshot of a homepage for a mobile-based website for Margaret PetersenA screenshot of a FAQ page for a mobile-based website for Margaret Petersen

Making the decision to begin therapy is difficult, and requires a significant amount of vulnerability and courage. I had to make sure the new site was visually welcoming and easy to use to help build trust for new clients. The goal was to create an inviting site with as few road blocks as possible to scheduling an appointment.

I built Margaret a responsive website that looks great on any screen. With plenty of contact buttons and persistent navigation, I made sure it was as easy as possible to reach out about beginning therapy.

A screenshot of a desktop-based website for Margaret PetersenA screenshot of a mobile-based website for Margaret PetersenAn image of the icon used in Margaret Petersen's logo

I updated Margaret's visual brand with graphic elements inspired from the Sanskrit alphabet. These represent her personal and professional philosophies rooted in Buddhism and peace.

A cool, muted color palette evokes feelings of calm and safety. I chose an approachable sans serif for most of the site, pairing it with serif headers to give it a more professional feel.

An image of a design system detailing fonts and colors used for Margaret Petersen's website

I've known Margaret for quite a long time, and the warmth of her personality shines in every interaction with her. I wanted to make sure her digital design translated this warmth in her web space.

Along this project, I gained a lot of respect for the amount of care therapists devote to their client experience, and hope to translate that empathy and awareness in my professional life going forward.

A screenshot of a desktop-based website footer for Margaret Petersen